Diskographie Vinyl - LP
LP - 1970 Working Man Blues
Cover Workingmenblues
Amadeo AVRS 9259
Delta County Blues
Working Man Blues
Country Rock
Lonely Boy Moan
Rockin' The Blues
Stoneheart Blues
That Bad Woman Blues
Henry Thomas Blues
I Got The Blues
Country Blues No. 1
Country Blues No. 2
Moonchild Song
Country Blues
LP - 1973 Slide Guitar Foolin'
LP - Slide Guitar Foolin'
B.O.M.B. L-1
Slide Guitar Foolin'
Charley Patton Blues
Lonesome Blues
Sun Going Down
St. Louis Blues
Roll And Tumble Blues
Jack O'Diamond Blues
Georgia Blues
Country Blues No 3
Dust My Country Blues
Some Happy Day
Carinthian Street Boogie
LP - 1976 Hard Rock Blues
Cover Hard Rock Blues
Bellaphon BA 24007
The Loneliest Man In Town
Al Cook's Worried Blues
That's Red Hot
Country Girl Blues
Mississippi Man Blues
Hard Rock Blues
Rock Me, Baby
Flat Country Blues
You Don't Know
Slack `N' Slide
Goin' Back Home
Silent Night Blues
EP - 1984 Memphis 1954
EP 119420
Memphis 1954
Rock And Roll Woman
Hop Bop And Ball
Mississippi Man
LP - 1986 Legendary White Face in Blues

Extraplatte Ex 49 A
Sanctified Blues
Sun Going Down
Rock Me Mama
Hard Time Blues
Boogie Woogie
Come Home Baby
The Working Man Blues
Federal Train Blues
South Side Jump
I'm Wild About You Baby
Nobody Wants A Loser
Original Chicago Blues
LP - 1986 On the Road to Rock & Roll
Cover On the road to rocknroll
Extraplatte Ex 51
Get All Up
Confidential Confession
Calling All Rockers
Jitterbug Boogie
I Believe To My Soul
Slide Guitar Rock
Baby Oh Baby
All Right Babe
Hop Bop And Ball
The Sixty Minute Man
I'm Goin' Dead On You
Let 'Em Rock
LP - 1989 Twenty Five Blues Years

Twenty Five Blues Years
Die Mühle DLP 850 861
Georgia Blues
Stone Heart Blues
I Love My Baby
Country Girl Blues
Country Blues Piano Foolin'
Workin' Man Blues
I Got The Blues
Hard Rock Blues
You Don't Know
Silent Night Blues
Mississippi Man Blues
I'm The Loneliest Man In Town
Memphis Blues
I'm Gonna Teach You Boogie Woogie
Memphis 1954
Chicago Slide Fight
Mississippi Woman
Big Joe
Ducking And Diving
Bodo's Rockin'
Too Black Bad
Big City Blues
Hungaria Avenue Jive
Blues Buddies
Trumpet Jump It
Delta Serenade
Cook's Jubilee Blues
Have You Ever Been To Memphis
Al Cook
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