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The band executed a powered-up version of the classic Rockabilly trio and was in its concept as controversial as Elvis in the mid-fifties. After a fairly successful period, Al broke the complete project up, because his audience moved towards redneck-racism and booed his blues performances due to its black content. Practically overnight, Al Cook decided to return to the black side of the road, never to play white stuff again. But his Rockabilly years again left a deep impression on a number of young musicians, who carried along, what had been started. The Salty Dogs and a number of other bands walked the road, that Al Cook paved some years before.

When bassist Mike Jerry left the band, he was replaced by Charlie Lloyd, an enthusiastic and creative piano-player, whom Al Cook taught the requirements of the classic blues piano.

In 1993, Al  signed up with Wolf Records, a top label in classical and Chicago-Blues and released seven albums since.

His vinyls are by now highly rated collectors classics and hard to get.

Al Cooks birthplace Bad Ischl awarded his faith with the Golden Medal for cultural engagement in 2005 and following his uncompromising work during four decades of pioneering work, Al Cook was decorated with the Golden Cross Of Honor in May 2006, granted by the mayor of Vienna.

In 2008, Al Cook was nominated for the „Amadeus Award“ for his album „The Barrelhouse Man“.  

Al Cook is still going strong and celebrated his 45th year on stage, when all the local blues artists joined him at the „Great Blues Jamboree“, at Viennas Metropol-Theatre on November 7th, 2009.