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John Jackson and Doctor Ross, who knew the teenage Elvis while at Sun-Records, were sharing the stage with Al Cook at Viennas first rate club „Jazzland“.

Cooks sudden rise to local stardom grew a small follow-up of musicians, who became at last noted artists by themselves. Watching Cook on stage was giving them a first encounter, how it was played, what they heard on records.

Erik Trauner, who followed Al Cook in 1975, worked to form his highly successful formation, known worldwide as the „Mojo Blues Band“, while another pioneer, Martin Pyrker led us to the wonderful art of classical boogie-woogie piano, like Axel Zwingenberger did in Germany.

A further lineup of other great artists followed in the second and third generation, leaving their imprints on the blues players of the closing 20th century. But a lot of these artists drifted away from the real blues, because the were more into rock and pop-music.

During the mid-eighties, Al Cook flirted briefly with the short-lived Rockabilly Revival, forming a trio with bass and drums, that's still today known as „Al Cook with Harry and Mike“.