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But within a solid year, Al Cook mastered the art of the blues guitar and showed a puzzled dancefloor-crowd, what the sound of Robert Johnson and Elmore James was all about. But again, there was no audience for Al...not yet. So he was fired from the dance-band, that lost a slight chance to win a local contest.

After that, he decided to work as a solo-performer, but found himself in a dilemma, because the british blues boom took over and rock guitarists like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix were setting the pace what to file under blues, but that was certainly not the stuff for Al Cook.

But the uprising folkmusic-movement finally made it possible for him to be recognized by a bigger audience and six years after his first performance, Al Cook finally got the opportunity to cut his first record, „Working Man Blues“, that helped to  make him known nationwide.

His second album, „Slide Guitar Foolin'“ was highly appreciated by expert magazines and Al Cook was crowned „White King Of Black Blues“ and even received top reviews by the german „Jazz Podium“ in its 1974 April issue.

Al Cook jammed with a respectable lineup of original blues-greats during their European tour.

Among them, there was his idolized piano player Roosevelt Sykes, as well as Johnny Shines and Honeyboy Edwards. Both had been close buddies of the legendary Robert Johnson, when he recorded his famous sides during the 30s.